History of Booing

History of Booing

Vegan chocolate crunch rice bar


History of BOOINGA longstanding tradition within the Trupo Family has been BOOING friends and family during the Halloween season. We would pack a paper bag full of our favorite candies, staple a ghost to the front, and put it on the unsuspecting person's doorstep before running away so they couldn't see who left it. I can vividly remember getting excited to dress up in black and sneak up to someone's door step to then watch them smile from getting booed. It's a fun way to bring some joy during this time of year, and with the current state of the world, we thought our BOO Halloween gift boxes would be the perfect alternative for those who are unable to see their loved ones in person right now. Keep in mind that BOOING is anonymous, so if you'd like the receiver to know it was you who sent it then make sure to tell them! 

Now you can purchase the Boo Box, which is filled of 5 vegan chocolate crunch rice bars as well as our 5 pack of Halloween stickers. Send to your friends to add some fun and spookiness to your 2020 Halloween season!

You can order your Boo Box by clicking HERE!


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