Trupo Treats all started when co-founder Brian Trupo walked into Whole Foods and couldn't find any vegan chocolate that was clearly labeled as made for vegans and also "milk chocolate" rather than "dark chocolate". So, he and his twin brother started a vegan chocolate company that is dedicated to making yummy vegan milk chocolate products while also donating at least 10% of profits to animal sanctuaries. 

Brian and Charlie Trupo, the Veggie Brothers have been vegetarian since they were 7 and 8 years old. They were at a family friend's house wondering where some of the parents were as they waited for Thanksgiving dinner to start. When they found out that their family friends' parents were out hunting for the dinner that they were about to eat later that night, it resonated with them that in order to eat an animal, you have to take away its life. After that moment, Charlie immediately turned to a vegetarian lifestyle, and Brian followed suit less than a year later.

They then became more aware of the cruelty involved in the dairy, egg, and honey industry. At age 15, Charlie became a vegan and stopped consuming any animal products. Four years later, Brian decided to also become a vegan when letting himself be vulnerable and watching documentaries on Netflix like "Cowspiracy", "What the Health", "Earthlings", and so on. 

Ever since, the two twin brothers have had a passion to spread the vegan word and promote animal equality. They first created The Veggie Brothers on Instagram in August 2018 and shortly after started their Facebook page. Follow them on Instagram: @veggiebrothers and Facebook: @theveggiebrothers