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Founders of Trupo Treats

  • Brian Trupo (He/Him)

    Brian lives in Denver, Colorado, where he loves to visit animal sanctuaries and visit delicious vegan restaurants (yum). Brian became a vegetarian at 8 years old and a vegan at 20 years old. His dream is to make a vegan eco-city that uses renewable energy, has vegan restaurants, electric cars and electric bikes for transportation, and is self-sustainable. He also is very into working out, reading books that teach wisdom, and of course anything to do with entrepreneurship.

  • Charlie Trupo (He/Him)

    Charlie lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he enjoys exploring the outdoors and taking photos. With a love of animals from an early age, he became a vegetarian at 7 years old and a vegan at 15 years old. Charlie dreams of becoming a conservationist and living a quiet life in the Scottish countryside.

The Story of Trupo Treats

Trupo Treats started when co-founder Brian Trupo walked into Whole Foods and couldn't find any chocolate that was milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate and clearly labeled "vegan." So, he called up Charlie, his twin brother, and they started Trupo Treats. Trupo Treats is a vegan milk chocolate company that is dedicated to making ethical and delicious plant-based chocolate products while also donating proceeds to animal sanctuaries. 

The Trupo Twins, have been vegetarians since they were 7 and 8 years old. Their story starts on a Thanksgiving as they waited for dinner to begin at a family friend's house. When they found out that their family friends' parents were out hunting for the dinner that they were about to eat, it resonated with them that the food they were so used to eating was actually the body of an animal who was killed for it. After that moment, Charlie became a vegetarian, and Brian followed suit less than a year later.

The Trupo Twins then became more aware of the cruelty involved in the dairy, egg, and honey industry, and Charlie became a vegan and stopped consuming any animal products at age 15. Four years later, Brian decided to also become a vegan after watching documentaries on Netflix like "Cowspiracy," "What the Health," and "Earthlings." 

Ever since, Brian and Charlie have had a passion to spread the vegan word and promote animal liberation. They first created their page "Veggie Brothers" on Instagram in August 2018, which was a stepping stone into their creation of Trupo Treats.