Contact email address:

You can reach us with any questions or business inquiries at Please allow sufficient time for us to respond as we are currently receiving hundreds of messages daily.


1. When are our pre-orders being sent out?

On December 23rd, we started shipping out pre-orders! We are sending out 500 packages a week and have a total of 4,000 orders to send out. We will try our best to send out as many as we can each week.

2. How will I know when my pre-order has shipped? 

When your order is about to ship, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. 

3. Why have I received the wrong order?

Since the time pre-orders ended last year, we have had some major updates that we have been communicating through our newsletters and social media. However, we understand that not everyone will be up-to-date, so the following will explain why your order looks different to what you may have expected:

After over 6 months of endlessly working to get our pre-orders made, we were unfortunately unable to produce the Wafer bars and Caramel Cookie bars. For this reason, we have instead opted to send the Classic and Rice Crunch bars that were part of your order, and in place of the Wafer bars and Caramel Cookie bars, we have provided you with a gift voucher worth the same price you paid for the Wafer bars and Caramel Cookie bars. You will be able to use this amount toward any future products on our website. We will not be making the Wafer bars any time in the near future, but we do still plan to make the Caramel Cookie bars sometime this year and you will be able to use your voucher toward this if you so choose. In addition to the gift voucher, we included one extra free Classic bar to thank you for your patience.

4. Are you taking orders again?

Yes! Although 80% of our inventory will be dedicated toward fulfilling pre-orders, we have opened up our website to new and existing customers to order again. These orders will be going out 1 day a week while the pre-orders will be shipping out 5 days a week and will take priority.

5. What makes Trupo Treats different from other chocolate companies?

We are the Trupo Twins, and we are passionate about healthy eating, plant-based alternatives and conducting our business in a sustainable, ethical way. I’m Brian, and along with my brother Charlie, we are devoted vegans focused on making the creamiest mylk chocolate available. We use 20% less sugar, all organic ingredients, and are totally non-GMO.  Our company isn’t just a quality vegan chocolatier, it makes chocolate in an eco-friendly way, always being kind to people, planet, and animals.  

-Brian and Charlie Trupo