Meet the Team

Director of Graphic Design- Steph Brendel (she/her/hers)

Steph recently graduated from Elon University where she studied Communication Design, Strategic Communications and Art. She’s so happy to be part of a team that’s passionate about advocating for animals. When Steph isn’t busy with design projects, she loves to cook yummy vegan meals, go on runs and make Spotify playlists. Her ultimate dream is to open up a cute vegan cafe and do all of the interior design, graphic design and branding.

Director of Marketing- Ali Matthews (she/her/hers)

Ali lives in New York City where she’s getting her master’s degree in Animal Studies and Linguistics at NYU. A vegan for nearly seven years, she is so excited to be working with a company whose mission is to help farmed animals around the world while producing delicious vegan milk chocolate. Animals and chocolate— a great combination! When she’s not working, she’s probably reading Harry Potter, baking chocolate chip cookies, or looking at pictures of animals on the internet. She hopes to one day open a turkey sanctuary and bed & breakfast in the Scottish Highlands!


Co-Founder- Charlie Trupo (he/him)

Charlie lives in Scotland where he's getting his BSc in Environmental Science. He has always had a connection with animals, which is why he became a vegetarian at 7 years old and a vegan at 15 years old. Although Charlie currently focuses on advocating for animal rights, he cares about all social justice issues. Outside of class and work, he enjoys exploring the outdoors, discovering new music, reading, and filmmaking/photography.


Co-Founder- Brian Trupo (he/him)

Brian currently attends the University of Florida and is pursuing his last semester towards his Master of Science in Entrepreneurship. He loves to visit animal sanctuaries and make fun and entertaining videos that will get people interested in learning more about treating animals with empathy and compassion. His dream is to make a vegan eco-city that uses renewable energy, has vegan restaurants, electric cars and electric bikes for transportation, community gardens, a lot of green space, and is self-sustainable. He also is very into working out, reading books that teach wisdom, and traveling.