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Trupo Treats

Ice Pack for Package

Ice Pack for Package

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We pack all chocolate within a cool shield, which we automatically pack with 1 ice pack per cool shield. If temperatures are predicted to be 74ºF or above, we highly recommend adding extra ice packs to your cart. We ship all packages during the summer with Priority Mail Shipping.

"How many ice packs should I add?" This is our recommended amount:

  • 1-6 bars: 1 ice pack
  • 7-12 bars: 2 ice packs
  • 13-18 bars: 3 ice packs
  • 19-24 bars: 4 ice packs
  • 25-30 bars: 5 ice packs
  • 31-36 bars: 6 ice packs
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Cynthia T
Ice packs

These ice packs are essential. Even though they melted by the time my wafer bars arrived, there was not too much melted chocolate stuck to the bar packaging.

John Edmond Jr.
Great product

This harkened back to my kit-kat days in the best of ways. Thoroughly impressed with the quality. The ice pack kept them in great shape in the mail.

Wittich's Candy Shop

I sent you an e mail. We liked your samples and was asking your prices

Helpful for record-breaking Florida temps!

Our bars arrived perfectly, no issues at all!

Thanks for letting us know!!!

Maria Hernandez
It helped

It was a good idea, but the weather here in Jacksonville, FL gets extremely 🔥 HOT. My package was left inside my mailbox and it gets hot in there. I wasn't home when my package arrived 😩 Nothing that cannot be fixed. Three of the bars were melted but were perfectly edible after they were in the refrigerator. GREAT TASTE!! Thank you and do not worry. I ❤️ YOUR CHOCOLATE!!

Thanks for taking the time to write a review!!! You're super smart for being proactive to pop your chocolate in the fridge! Yum!!