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Trupo Treats

Ice Pack for Package

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If temperatures are predicted to be 75ºF or above, we highly recommend adding ice packs to your cart. We ship all packages with 1-3 Day Priority Mail Shipping.

"How many ice packs should I add?" This is our recommended amount:

  • 1-8 bars: 2 ice pack
  • 9-16 bars: 4 ice packs
  • 17-24 bars: 8 ice packs
  • 25-32 bars: 10 ice packs

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shae C
Didn’t receive one

I don’t know. My package didn’t receive a ice pack.

Joanne Renaud
The best

These wafer bars bring me right back a non vegan sweet I loved BV(before vegan) I love the hazelnut and the peanut butter so so good, and what is even better is that this is made by vegans for anyone vegans and non vegans that can eat and would eat because it’s that good ! Ice packs are a bit nutty though , it was not frozen. But still be wafer bars are to die for !

Ana Vi
Recommended if you live in a warm city.

I live in Texas and unfortunately, we experience warm temperatures year round so this was a great shipping option to add to my order.

Everything arrive perfect with no issues.

No chaos, no melted chocolate. Pure joy and the best treats ever :)

We're so happy your chocolates were delivered in perfect condition! Thanks for your support!

Malvina Blackledge

Love the caramels the most overall its awesome

Candy Mansfield
Always delicious

Your treats are just that, a treat that brings pleasantness in life and reminds us to enjoy simple and sweet !