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Vegan Holiday Variety Packs

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What's included?

Black Friday Vegan Wafer Bundle:
• 4 Chocolate Vegan + Gluten-free Wafer Bars
• 4 Hazelnut Vegan + Gluten-free Wafer Bars
• 4 Peanut Butter Vegan + Gluten-free Wafer Bars

Vegan Stocking Stuffer Set:
• 1 Chocolate Vegan + Gluten-free Wafer Bar
• 1 Hazelnut Vegan + Gluten-free Wafer Bar
• 1 Peanut Butter Vegan + Gluten-free Wafer Bars
• 1 Mylk Chocolate Rice Crunch Bar
• 1 Mylk Chocolate Bar
• 1 x 12 oz. Bag of Vegan White Hot Chocolate
• 1 x 12 oz. Bag of Vegan Mylk Hot Chocolate
1 x 8 oz. Bag of Vegan Marshmallows

Vegan Hot Chocolate Bundle:
• 1 x 12 oz. Bag of Vegan White Hot Chocolate
• 1 x 12 oz. Bag of Vegan Mylk Hot Chocolate
• 1 x 8 oz. Bag of Vegan Marshmallows

Vegan Mylk Chocolate Variety Pack:
• 4 Mylk Chocolate Bars
• 4 Mylk Chocolate Rice Crunch Bars
• 8 Dark Chocolate Squares

Vegan Wafer Reviews

"These are SO creamy and delicious. I couldn't believe how much they reminded me of Kit Kats!"

S. Maizer

"Your wafer bars are literally the best vegan candy I have ever tried"

K. Jones

"Vegan, gluten-free, & non-GMO! What more could you ask for?"

J. Sancho

"My favorite part is that Trupo Treats gives back to animal sanctuaries!"

A. Terentjeva


One day in my last year of college, I was walking through Whole Foods and realized there were no creamy, sweet milk chocolate products that were vegan or allergen-free. I immediately called my identical twin, Charlie, and told him that we HAVE to make a vegan milk chocolate company. Just 3 months later, we launched our first product, our Vegan Rice Crunch Bar. After some extraordinary success, we knew this was the start of our journey Veganizing Your Childhood Favorites™. 

- Brian Trupo

Be Kind to the People, Planet, & Animals


Brian and I have vegan for the animals since we were 15 years old and vegetarians since we were 7 years old! As animal lovers, our journey started one Thanksgiving when we made the realization that the food on our plates was actually an animal.

Since going vegan, we've been active in the vegan community and even volunteered numerous times at sanctuaries all around the United States. To this day, we have partnered with over 100 animal sanctuaries and given them over $11,000 in proceeds. We pledge to give over 10% of net profits to animal sanctuaries and other sustainability or humanitarian causes around the world. Our goal is to donate over $1 million a year to charities by 2030.


With everything we do, we aim to be kind to the people, planet, and animals. One way we do this is by using Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa for our Vegan Wafer Bars. This means that our cocoa is sourced from farms that comply with the standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network, which aims to promote sustainability in farming and protect farmers, forests, wildlife, and local communities. By using Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa, we can be confident that our chocolate is kind to all.

Our Vegan Wafer Bars are also kind to the planet because they are wrapped with recyclable wrappers, which prevents the creation of waste from single-use plastics. We hope to one day find a solution for wrappers that can be completely compostable at home!

Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews
Rama Balaji

Vegan Holiday Variety Packs


I waited more than a month for my package and when it arrived it was approx $80 worth of mixed chocolate pieces thrown in a bag with damp melted ice bags on top. No packaging to gift it for Christmas, no box to offer to share, just a hodgepodge tossed in a bag. I am actually so disappointed. After waiting soooo long for my package to arrive and then for it to be packed with such carelessness. Anyway, as far as taste, the original Mylk Chocolate Bars are the only thing you should order from Trupo Treats.


Wonderful chocolates! Look forward to buying more!

Thanks Timothy! We appreciate your support!

Very Tasty!!!

You guys really knocked this one out the park! It was worth the wait! I just got them today 11/25/22. These vegan wafer bars are so amazing. Since you have a special going on today, I just made four more orders! You guys keep up the excellent work!

Wowsers! It's so fun to read your review and know we have made another fan for life! Thanks so much! :)


I must say that this was definitely worth the wait.... they taste so much like Kit Kat & Bar None Candy (Well that's if anyone ever had them). I enjoyed every bite from the first to the last. I hope that these will be sold in stores in North Carolina at some point. I would definitely recommend giving these a try!! You will NOT be disappointed!!!!

Reading your review made us all scream with joy and some of us raised our hands in the air and waved em around! Thanks for supporting us, and loving our chocolates!