Our Crowdfunding Campaign


Update: Production of pre-orders is now estimated to begin in July because we are experiencing a delay in getting our compostable wrappers due to COVID supply chain issues. We now aim to start sending out pre-orders in late July, but there's always the possibility of more delays.

We successfully raised our first goal of $50,000 in just over one day and our second goal of $100,000 in 27 days! All money raised will go straight toward product development to make sure that our chocolate bars are as delicious and ethical as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey so far! We appreciate each and every one of you, and we still can't believe all of the love you wonderful people have given us. Your support is helping our dreams come true!

Who is Trupo Treats?

We're a small vegan milk chocolate company currently operating out of New York, NY! Our journey started last July when we launched a Kickstarter for our Vegan Rice Crunch bar. After the success of that campaign, we sold our Vegan Rice Crunch bars for the past 9 months. This crowdfunding campaign marks the launch of our new and improved Vegan Rice Crunch bar plus 3 new Vegan Mylk Chocolate bars, taking inspiration from the iconic milk chocolate brands you already know.

Trupo Treats is owned by 22-year-old twins Brian and Charlie Trupo, AKA the Veggie Brothers. Brian just graduated in December 2020 with a Master’s of Science in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida (go gators) and runs Trupo Treats full time now in New York City. Charlie is currently completing his Bachelor's degree of Environmental Science in Scotland.

We stand out from the other companies because of our ethos. Our goal is to create the most ethical, sustainable, and delicious chocolate possible. We are the chocolate company for the people, animals, and planet!

Our Mission


Our chocolate is fairly traded using direct trade cacao from Mother Jungle Herbs, a Food Empowerment Project recommended supplier that sources cacao from a collective of 70 Peruvian families. This ensures that our chocolate is free from the exploitation of humans and animals. Trupo Treats is also officially on the Food Empowerment Project recommended list.


Our chocolate is vegan, which means that it's free of animal suffering. We donate at least 10% of annual profits to animal sanctuaries across the United States, and we'll even be donating 25% of profits to our partner animal sanctuaries during most of this campaign (more info at bottom). In our 9 months of operation, we have donated over $5,500 to our sanctuary partners.


Our chocolate wrappers will be compostable. We are doing everything in our power to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Why are your prices higher than the brands I'm used to?

We plan to lower our prices eventually, but chocolate shouldn't be so inexpensive in the first place. The reason major corporations are able to sell their chocolate at such low prices is that they pay the cacao workers next to nothing. Many companies also source their cacao from farms using child and/or slave labor. Our chocolate solves both of these problems- we use fairly traded cacao that is certified exploitation-free of humans and animals. As vegans, we need to care not just about non-human animal rights, but also about human rights. This comes with an added cost, but to us, it's a necessary cost. Read more about our mission above.

Vegan Mylk Chocolate Wafer Bar

Vegan Mylk Chocolate Caramel Cookie Bar

Vegan Mylk Chocolate Rice Crunch

Vegan Mylk Chocolate Bar

Our Options

Variety Packs:

• 4 pack (1 of each variety)

• 8 pack (2 of each variety)

• 16 pack (4 of each variety)

• 28 pack (7 of each variety)


• 10 bars of Vegan Mylk Chocolate Wafer

• 10 bars of Vegan Mylk Chocolate Caramel Cookie

• 10 bars of Vegan Mylk Chocolate Rice Crunch

• 10 bars of Vegan Mylk Chocolate


If you live outside of the US, or you would like to help us reach our goal without getting chocolate in return, look for our donation option!

Ingredient Information

We are currently in the process of working with a food scientist to help us create the best possible vegan, allergen-free chocolate. While we are still waiting to finalize our ingredients lists, here are some things that we know.

ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE: Fairly Traded, Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, & Palm Oil Free.

ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE FREE FROM THE FOLLOWING ALLERGENS: Gluten, Soy, Milk, Eggs, Shellfish, Peanuts, and Tree Nuts (Except for Coconuts).

INGREDIENTS OF OUR VEGAN MYLK CHOCOLATE (could change slightly): Coconut Milk Powder, Cacao Beans, Cocoa Butter, Vegan Sugar, Vanilla, Sunflower Lecithin, and Salt.

POTENTIAL INGREDIENTS OF SHORTBREAD COOKIE AND WAFERS: White Rice, Tapioca Starch, Sweet Rice, Guar Gum, Coconut Oil, Cane Sugar, Vanilla Extract.


Sanctuary Partners


Thank you to everyone in our personal and business lives who has helped us along the way. We appreciate each and every one of you!

A special thanks to the following people: Gary Trupo, Karen Trupo, Sophie Trupo, Joey Kung, Ali Mahdi, Sam Maizer, Nicole Lowe, Steph Brendel, Victoria Tomis, Ali Matthews, Viktor Toth, and Brian Cooper.