Sanctuary Spotlight: Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Sanctuary Spotlight: Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Nestled in the heart of the lush green countryside of the Hudson Valley is Catskill Animal Sanctuary. In its 20 years of operation, Catskill Animal Sanctuary has saved the lives of thousands of cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and other neglected, abused, and “discarded” farmed animals. 

Founded in 2001 by former high school English teacher Kathy Stevens, Catskill Animal Sanctuary marries Stevens’ passion for education with her love for animals and her commitment to showing kindness to all beings.  Stevens’ 150-acre sanctuary currently provides a haven for over 300 rescued animals.

With its motto, “Love spoken here,” and focus on both direct rescue and promoting veganism, Catskill Animal Sanctuary has touched the lives of countless animals and the people who visit and care for them. 

So we knew we had to partner up.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary Farmed Animal Rescue Tucker Cow

Catskill Animal Sanctuary has been promoting veganism since 2009. Along with pioneering vegan education programs for the youngest New Yorkers, the sanctuary founded the leading online vegan mentorship program, New Leaf. This acclaimed global program provides new vegans and the vegan-curious with one-on-one support and access to resources to encourage and support “lifelong change.” 

That’s not the only program the sanctuary has to offer! 

Their Compassionate Cuisine program focuses on the power of plant-based nutrition. But that’s not all. Compassionate Cuisine also explores health and wellness, the plight of animals raised in the factory farm system, and the impact meat-based diets have on the environment.

Compassionate Cuisine’s inspirational and engaging activities encourage animal lovers of all kinds to reconsider what they put on their plates. 

There are dozens of free recipes on Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s website, as well as an official cookbook and virtual cooking classes led by Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s in-house award-winning chef, Linda Soper-Kolton

We love that Catskill Animal Sanctuary shares many of our vegan values. 

Communications Coordinator Heather Decker says Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s mission is to “rescue animals who are in urgent need of help, to create change on behalf of all farmed animals, and to champion vegan living.” 

They too are vegan for the animals!

Decker says, “Just like you, we recognize that these animals are not only victims of the industries we're avoiding, they are also ambassadors and heart-changers.” 

One of Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s most recent rescues is also one that’s very dear to their hearts. Last spring, a nearby farm was shutting because of financial hardships. 

Catskill Animal Sanctuary Farmed Animal Rescue Heather Decker and Goat

Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s incredible community jumped at the opportunity to rescue animals from this farm. Decker shares, “Hundreds of caring people reached out to [Catskill] concerned about the fate of the animals. Thanks to their outcry and the efforts of local animal lovers, we were able to take in four baby goats: Mollie, Arlo, Chester, and Levi.”

Heather says these kids are “So precious to us [and] a reminder of how much we can do when we work together!”

The Catskill Animal Sanctuary staff (like Heather) and their volunteers love that we at Trupo Treats donate part of our proceeds to sanctuaries like theirs. 

“Your company giving back to sanctuaries, places where people quickly make the connection between the animals we love and the animals who wind up on our plates is a great way to align action with values.”

The upstate New York-based sanctuary had a blast partnering with us to celebrate their residents and rescue efforts. And of course, they enjoyed many of our signature vegan crunch chocolate bars!

 “It's easy to become accustomed to dark chocolate as a vegan, but it was delightful to have  ‘milk’ chocolate for a change!"

What can we say? We aim to please! ;)

Resident Spotlight: Meet Lillian the Goat! 

Catskill Animal Sanctuary Farmed Animal Rescue Lillian the Goat

One of Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s most outgoing residents is five-year-old Boer goat, Lillian. 

This spunky but sweet girl was born at the sanctuary after her mother Edith was rescued from a backyard slaughter operation in 2015. Edith was heavily pregnant with Lillian and gave birth to her soon after arriving at the sanctuary.  

Because of that, Lillian has grown up surrounded by the warmth and affection of all of the animal residents at Catskill Animal Sanctuary and the kindhearted humans who care for them. Unlike baby goats who are separated from their mothers after mere days in the dairy industry, Lillian had the fortune of growing up alongside Edith. 

This spirited and energetic girl is known for her deep bond with Edith, so much so that Sanctuary staff fondly refer to Lillian as a mama’s girl. She’s also always up for an adventure on the goat-friendly playground set up at the sanctuary. She loves going on the swings!  

This sweet and special girl has touched many hearts. Don’t just take it from us, though! 

Communications Manager Veronica Finnegan says, “Lillian has known nothing but love for her whole five years. As a result, she LOVES attention and will even reach for it with her very boopable nose!”⠀

You can learn more about Catskill Animal Sanctuary, including how to sponsor residents like Lillian, and how to join in on the Compassionate Cuisine events on their website

Be sure to follow Catskill Animal Sanctuary on their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel to keep up with day-to-day life at the sanctuary and rescue efforts! 

And if you want to get involved while also satisfying your chocolate cravings, pick up some of our signature Trupo Treats vegan rice crunch bars for yourself or your friends today! Indulging in our creamy and crunchy vegan milk chocolate while also showing your support for fantastic sanctuaries like Catskill is a sweet victory for rescued farmed animals and vegans alike!

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