Nostalgia and Childhood Favorites Collide As Trupo Treats Joins Vegan Entrepreneur Tori Keeshin’s Vegan Lunchables “Vegables”

Nostalgia and Childhood Favorites Collide As Trupo Treats Joins Vegan Entrepreneur Tori Keeshin’s Vegan Lunchables “Vegables”

Ready for a plant-based twist on an old childhood favorite?

We sure are!

Lunchables go vegan with LA-based vegan foodie Tori Keeshin’s Vegables, a new plant-based take on the beloved on-the-go snack packs.

The height of popular ‘90s and early 2000’s childhood lunches and snacks, these tiny trays of cheese, meat, crackers, pizzas, and nachos, with their Caprisun juice pouches and single Reese’s Peanut Buttercup were known for trading cards and toys tucked in each box, chances to win giveaways, and pop culture partnerships with brands as big as Star Wars and Animal Planet

Unfortunately, these nostalgic nibbles were also full of single-use plastic, unhealthy sugars, and cruelly-obtained animal products! 

Vegables Tori Keeshin Vegan LunchablesTori Keeshin with Cheesy Nacho Vegables 

Enter vegan entrepreneur Tori Keeshin’s vegan Lunchables alternative-- Vegables!

It was through her weekly wanderings around the refrigerated sections in her local grocery stores that Tori noticed something odd. “I saw aisles full of Lunchables and other snack packs and I couldn't help but think, ‘How is there not a vegan version of this yet?’" 

A vegan of six years and the opening manager for Plant Power Fast Food, Keeshin is no stranger to vegan foods and the compassionate (and tasty!) revolutions they start.  

Keeshin’s vegan journey began as a way to improve her health. “I tried every diet out there to try to solve my hormone imbalances and acne,” says Keeshin. 

“I was studying for medical school when I . . . came across Youtube videos about veganism. I decided to try it and immediately felt better,” says Keeshin. “I had a clearer mind, and all my thyroid issues dissipated. Then, I dug a little deeper and discovered the other amazing benefits of this lifestyle.” 


The realization that farmed animals deserve better and the positive impact a plant-based diet had on her body led Keeshin to cook up Vegables. 

“I have had a lot of ideas,” about vegan foods prior to launching Vegables says Keeshin, “but this one I couldn't get out of my mind. I really believe this is [going to] be a success.” 

But before you jump to any conclusions that these snacks are just for the veggie crowd, think again!

Vegables Cheesy Nachos Vegan Lunchables Vegables Cheesy Nacho Prototype

Sure, Keeshin had vegans and vegetarians fighting off snack attacks in mind when she created Vegables... but she also had “on the go, working adults or parents who want something quick, easy and sustainable for their children” on the brain!

“Vegables are a healthier, cruelty-free, convenient, and accessible option to all,” says Keeshin. “I can't wait to have [this vegan] option on the shelves right next to the current offerings.” 

Keeshin’s vision for Vegables also extends to sustainability. Unlike the flimsy single-use plastic in Lunchables, Keeshin plans to make Vegables as environmentally friendly as possible. 

It’s a philosophy right after our own heart! If you’ve been following the crowdfunding for our new chocolate bars you know that we’re also making some big changes with our once single-use plastic packaging. (Hello, compostable chocolate bar wrappers!)

Vegables isn’t a solo act either. While Keeshin may be the first one to recreate the classic childhood snack packs in a vegan-friendly way, she’s not acting on her own. 

Vegables Vegan Lunchables Tori Keeshin

Embracing the spirit of togetherness in the vegan community, Keeshin is collaborating with existing vegan companies to bring each Vegable to life, like us at Trupo Treats! 

Keeshin could think of no better dessert to pack in her Vegable creations!

We’re thrilled that our cruelty-free and dairy-free confections are taking the place of the iconic bite-sized (but cow’s milk-filled) Hershey’s chocolates in Keeshin’s veganized spin on Lunchables.

“Trupo Treats and Vegables are both creating nostalgic, delicious, plant-based, childhood favorites,” says Keeshin, “We are both motivated to make an impact!” 

We’re not the only vegan brand that is glad to be a part of the Vegables snack revolution.  “I’ve been talking to some brands [like] Nu Foods [and] I would love for [more] brands to reach out if they are interested!” 

Taking inspiration from classic Lunchables snack packs, Vegables are debuting with three varieties:

  • Cheese, meat, and crackers
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Cheesy Nachos 

Every variety of Vegables will include a mini Trupo Treats vegan milk chocolate bar and plant-based versions of the meats and cheeses.  

Vegables Vegan Lunchables


Keeshin doesn’t plan on stopping with three Vegables options either.

I’m excited to replicate these favorite childhood flavors in a veganized format [and to also] creat[e] our own new and exciting flavors.” 

Reflecting on Vegables bright future is inspiring for both Keeshin, Trupo Treats, and the world of plant-based foods as a whole.  “I can't wait to continue th[is] journey,” says Keeshin. 

We couldn’t agree more! 

Vegables Vegan Lunchables Rethink Convenient

You can learn more about Vegables and Rethink Convenient by following Tori Keeshin’s Vegables Instagram account @eatvegables and exploring the official Vegables website. There’s even a handy contact form if you’re a vegan or plant-based company who’d like to be a part of Keeshin’s cruelty-free snack revolution!


Disclaimer: Vegables is not associated or affiliated with Lunchables.

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