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Trupo Treats

MYLK Chocolate Classic Bars

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Get ready for the creamiest Mylk Chocolate Bar you have ever tried! These bars are completely vegan but you would never know! The most common reactions we get with this bar include: "Wow, this is creamy!", "Best Mylk Chocolate Bar ever!", and "I can't believe this is vegan!". 

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa liquor, coconut milk powder, sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract, salt.

Allergen StatementContains coconut. Made in a facility free from milk, gluten, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts (except for coconuts).

For the People (direct trade cacao), For the Planet (compostable wrappers), For the Animals (cruelty-free, vegan, and partner with animal sanctuaries)

  • Always Vegan

    Founded by vegans, all of our products will always be vegan.

  • Allergen Free

    Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free (except coconuts).

  • Gives Back to Animals

    We give a percentage of each purchase to animal sanctuaries and charities.

The Trupo Brothers

My twin brother, Charlie, and I have created a better-for-you, creamy and delicious vegan milk chocolate using ethical and sustainable practices.

As vegans from a young age, we've been passionate about plant-based alternatives for as long as we can remember and we're excited to introduce to you our delicious chocolate snacks that are veganizing your childhood favorites! 

Fairly Traded. We source our cacao from a cooperative in Peru, which ensures that our cacao farmers are being paid fair wages and our cacao is grown using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Marialisa B.
The best chocolate ever!

Trupo chocolate has been my favorite chocolate for a little while now. I am so glad I found this brand. The customer service is incredible and the company is absolutely fantastic. The chocolate tastes decadent and knowing it comes from a great ethical source is even better. Go Trupo!

Kathryn Rodgers
Sooo good

I ordered these because all orders for the day were supporting one of my favorite animal sanctuaries, Road to Refuge. I had never tried Trupo’s chocolate bars before so i didn’t even know if i would like them - just wanted to show support. They came really fast (I ordered 12 bars and added three ice packs because I didn’t know how long they’d be sitting in my stoop before I got home). The ice packs did their job and the bars were in good form when i got them. Unfortunately, they didn’t last long because they were so good. I ordered regular mylk chocolate and the crispy one. The crispy one was my favorite and I will definitely be ordering again soon.

Kris Petersen

These are amazing. A perfect substitute for your typical chocolate bar but without all the horrific practices of Big Chocolate (which includes Big Dairy and other villains). Trupo knows what's up! I've been a supporter for years, I'm excited for every product they create, all starting with this classic!

Elizabeth Schuch

Very creamy. Have never before found this kind of creamy melting texture in vegan chocolate and I think this is what has been missing for a long time that will, hopefully, help non vegans to transition and absolutely should make vegans extremely happy.

Cecilia H.
The deliciousness

Honestly, I was skeptical at first because mainly all the vegan chocolate I’ve had wasn’t tasty. But trupo treats is phenomenal like all my non vegan friends love their chocolate.